Apr., 2024 ANR Newsletter

Apr., 2024 ANR Newsletter

Apr., 2024 ANR Newsletter

April 2024 Edition

Agriculture & Natural Resources
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A Note From Your Agent:

Happy Spring All!

It’s crazy to think we’re almost already a month into Spring 2024. The winter programming is coming to a close as we’re wrapping up the Farmers Market Education Program this month. We had great attendance at the Cattle Grading program on April 9th at the stockyards.  It was our first time hosting it in Fleming County. Special thanks to Jim Akers and Farmers Stockyards.

We’re looking forward to the Quality Hay Production Field Day on May 10th, 2024. More info can be found in this newsletter. We hope that you can make it!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for programming, please let me know.

April Wilhoit

In This Issue:

Cattle Timely Tips: 2
CAIP Education Options: 3
Healthy Recipe: 3
Forage Timely Tips: 4
Composting Horse Manure: 4
Hay Production Field Day: 5
Rotational Grazing: 6
Feeder Cattle Markets: 7-8
Grasslands Partnership: 8
The PRIMER Method: 8-9
Fencing School: 9
My-Busting BVD Virus: 10-12
Shearing School: 12
It’s Alfalfa Weevil Time: 13-14
UK Wheat Field Day: 14
Beekeepers Meeting: 15
SOW App & Important Dates: 16A

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(606) 845-4641