Community & Economic Development

Community & Economic Development

Community & Economic Development & Farmers Market

The Community & Economic Development program helps communities resolve locally determined problems with objective information and educational assistance.

Community & Economic Development Defined

Community Development is a term that can refer to comprehensive strategies or small projects. Because the use of the term community development is used in such a wide range of situations, the idea of community development can be misunderstood. In a similar way, Economic Development is a subject that can be misunderstood and one that people know very little about.

What is Community Development?

From a community perspective, community development includes nearly every type of purposeful community change. Creating purposeful change (development) of aspects of economy, health, physical infrastructure, governance, social needs, or other aspects of living addressed at a collective (community) scale- are expressions of community development.

Who is Involved in Community & Economic Development Locally?

Community scale changes benefit from representation from the community scale systems. Do you know which people in your community have roles to play in community & economic development (CED)? It is important to understand that CED is a shared effort among several stakeholders, and Extension can play an vital role. Here are just a few who may be in your community:

  • Local government
  • Civic groups
  • Local business or Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic development/banking or foundations   
  • Religious institutions
  • Education systems (from primary and secondary to university/formal and informal)
  • Health (can include public/private)
  • Recreation

Development initiatives that impact everyone in a community are supported more broadly and more sustainably when the members of the community are represented and engaged in the process. While it is nearly impossible to have every person involved in every decision, it is generally true that people like to be involved in decisions that impact them. Thus, development initiatives should utilize processes that promote broad participation and strive for justice, equity, and sustainability.

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Fleming County Farmers Market

A Great Opportunity - Come visit our 2023 Market Season!

Be sure to visit your local farmers market twice a week.
You'll be glad you did!

Saturdays: 8am – sell out
Tuesdays:  4pm – sell out
For more information call the Fleming ounty Extension Office at 606-845-4641
We thank you for all you do to make our Farmers Market a success. 
We are proud to serve you our products.


We're excited to bring you locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and homemade items again in 2023. Thank you for your support of our local farmers. We could not do it without our wonderful customers. We have 24 members for 2023. Please find a complete list of members with their items they plan to sell, included in this newsletter. 


June 17 | 8AM | OPENING DAY!
June 27 | 2:30-4:30PM | Youth, Veggies Make Cents **
July 11 | 4PM | Summer Celebration #1
July 25| 4PM | Summer Celebration #2
July 25 | 2:30-4:30PM | Youth, Veggies Make Cents **
August 5 | 8AM | Customer Appreciation Day
August 12 | 8AM | Donna Fryman Sample Saturday
**Registration for Veggies Make Cents , is required prior to event
through the Fleming County Extension Office, for youth ages 9
& up***
The official opening date for the Fleming County Farmers Market Season is June 17th. There will be door prizes; giveaways, samples, and more!


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