Feb., 2024 ANR Newsletter

Feb., 2024 ANR Newsletter

Feb., 2024 ANR Newsletter

February 2024 Edition

Agriculture & Natural Resources
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A Monthly Newsletter by Fleming County Extension Office
A Note From Your Agent:

Happy New Year All, 
The CAIP, YAIP, and Next Gen cost-share program applications will be available February 1st.  Please find more info in this newsletter about the cost-share programs and educational opportunities that are available to satisfy the educational component.    
We have been receiving several calls from folks needing hay.  The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has a hay hotline to either register with if you produce hay to sell, or if you are looking to purchase hay you can find a list.  The QR Code below will take you to the website.
We hope to see you soon at one of our many upcoming programs 

April Wilhoit

In This Issue:

Cattle Timely Tips: 2
CAIP Education Options: 4
Venison Sloppy Joes: 4
Forage Timely Tips: 5
Drill Calibration: 5
Nuisance Weed & BQCA: 6
Frost Seedings of Clover: 6
Private Pest. ; Sheep & Goat: 7
The PRIMER Method: 8-9
Forage Analysis & Cattle Grading: 7
Agronomy Day, Tobacco GAP: 8
Farm & Family Night: 8
Poison Hemlock: 9-10
My IPM for Vegetables: 11

Contact Information

1384 Elizaville Rd. P.O. Box 192 Flemingsburg, KY 41041-019

(606) 845-4641