Nov., 2023 ANR Newsletter

Nov., 2023 ANR Newsletter

Nov., 2023 ANR Newsletter

November 2023 Edition

Agriculture & Natural Resources
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A Monthly Newsletter by Fleming County Extension Office
A Note From Your Agent:

Happy Fall Y’all!
We’ve been busy with Agriculture and Horticulture programs this fall in our area. The Area Farm Field Day in September was a big hit. We are hoping to offer the event annually. We wrapped up the 2023 Farm School For Women program in October and looking forward to the Beef Series this month.
Check out this issue for more information, You may have seen or been asked to complete a survey for Cooperative Extension to assist us in determining the needs for folks in Kentucky and in our community. If you haven’t taken it yet, we encourage you to do so. The QR code is listed below and you can also find more info later in this Newsletter.
April Wilhoit

In This Issue:

Cattle Timely Tips: 2
Topping Trees Warning: 3
Forage Timely Tips: 3
PARP Deadline Extended: 4
Master Gardener Program: 5
Berry Crunch Roll-Ups: 5
Backyard Grant Program: 6
Land Rental Agreements: 7-8
The PRIMER Method: 8-9
Bacterial Canker of Tomato: 9
Farmers Market: 10
Important Dates: 12

Contact Information

1384 Elizaville Rd. P.O. Box 192 Flemingsburg, KY 41041-019

(606) 845-4641