Jul./Aug., 2023 FCS - HM Newsletter

Jul./Aug., 2023 FCS - HM Newsletter

Jul./Aug., 2023 FCS - HM Newsletter

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Family & Consumer Sciences News
July / August 2023


I hope everyone has been enjoying the long summerdays! In July we had the 2023 Ewing/Fleming CountyFair @ 606 Sales and Events. We had a wonderful turnout at Floral Hall and want to thank each person whoentered for open class! All entries were spectacular! Thankyou Susan Wood, Violet Barbee, Anna Barbee, SamanthaMajor, and Glenna Peterson for helping with the fair aswell!
Cooking Through the Calendar Classes are still beingheld. Take a look inside to find what dates we will behaving it for the upcoming months! As of now, the classesare not on the same day each month. Various trainingsmake it difficult to do so but we'll get there. Thanks forunderstanding!
If you would like to attended a class, contact me atkatie.fryman@uky.edu or 606-845-4641.

Katie Fryman


Homemaker News / Donna Fryman Quilt Raffle - page 2
Licking River Area Leadership Training - page 3
Cooking Thru the Calendar Recipe Schedule - page 4
Cultural Arts Day - page 5
Cultural Arts Entries Categories - pages 6, 7, & 8
Pressure Canner Gauge Testing - page 9
Health Bulletin - page 10 & 11
Recipe - page 12


Country Neighbors July 20th @ 6:00pm FCEO
Hillsboro Homemakers Meeting July 20th @ 1:00pm Hillsboro Christian Church
Treasures of the Heart July 24th @ 6:00pm FCEO
Baby Quilt Day July 26th @ FCEO 9:00am-4:00pm

Contact Information

1384 Elizaville Rd. P.O. Box 192 Flemingsburg, KY 41041-019

(606) 845-4641