Root Growth Example from Float Bed       Ben Hubbard, Fleming Co. ANR Agent at Colonial Days, E.P. Ward Elementary 2014

Root Growth Example                            Ben Hubbard, Fleming County ANR Agent,
from Float Bed                                         demonstrating what farming

                                                                    was like during "Olden Days" at Colonial Days 
                                                                   2014, E.P. Ward Elementary School.

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Ben Hubbard ANR Agent for Fleming Co.

R. Benjamin (Ben) Hubbard
Fleming County Extension Agent
for Agriculture & Natural Resources

The Agriculture and Natural Resources program provides non-formal education in the areas of agricultural production, homeowner plantings, and natural resource utilization. Specific programs include information on food production, farm business management, marketing and processing agricultural products, natural resource management and home lawn and garden information. We address issues dealing with environmental stewardship, the rural-urban interface, and value-added enterprises.