Fleming County Backpack Program

Back Pack Food Item List

The Fleming County Back Pack Program is administered under the Fleming County Cooperative Extension Service Nutrition Education Program and the Family and Consumer Science Program. 

We serve all four Elementary Schools in our county, and all siblings in the Head Start, Middle and High School who has younger siblings in one of the Elementary schools. 

In 2016, we served a total of 78 families at Ward, Hillsboro, Ewing, and Flemingsburg Elementary Schools; this includes a total of 197 students.

We utilize a small group of retired teachers that volunteer every Wednesday and pack the Back Pack food items and then prepare the bags filled with food to be deliver to the schools by Friday morning. 

We also utilize a members of a local Church who pick up and deliver the Back Packs to the four schools. 

We are 100 % supported and funded by our local community.  There are food items and funds donated to us on a weekly basis for this program.  Our Back Pack Program Committee oversees the entire program and our Back Pack Program Treasurer collects and disperses all of the donated funds. 

If anyone from your church would like to be invited to our next Back Pack Program Committee meeting, please let me know and we would be glad to add you to our list.  We meet four times a year unless something immediate arises that cannot be taken care of in the usual quarterly meeting timeline.

Thank you for your interest in the Fleming County Back Pack Program.

If you need any more information, please contact Gwen O’Cull at the 

Fleming County Extension Office at 606-845-4641.

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